Who is Stadslab2050?

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Stadslab2050 consists of motivated people, institutions, companies and government services looking for innovative ways to make Antwerp a sustainable city (See: What is Stadslab2050?). It is a continuously evolving 360-degree project relying on innovative solutions and bright ideas by the many people and stakeholders that contribute in different ways. And who knows, at this rate,  the entire city might turn into an experimental urban lab one day ….

Meanwhile, Stadslab currently comprises three distinct groups: our urban laborants, the strategic partners and the project team.


The urban laborants 

The urban laborants are the key figures to the lab. They range from citizens and retailers past researchers and students to civil servants and others that are actively looking for specific solutions to address sustainability related challenges. Some reacted to questions or calls posed by Stadslab2050, others presented themselves on their own accord, bearing their own sustainable ideas and projects. Others yet are also experimenting innovative ideas to make Antwerp sustainable, despite not being an intrinsic part of Stadslab2050. They too are urban laborants, albeit unknowingly.

What they all have in common though, is a new refreshing way of looking at things and coming up with solutions. These people with different backgrounds and levels of skill and knowledge, often team up and bring their own specific experience and expertise to the table to collectively address their common challenge.


The strategic partners

Cooperation is key with Stadslab2050; the city of Antwerp may be the lab’s primary initiator, but the municipality is continuously looking for partners to collectively solve complex urban issues. Although Stadslab2050 generally collaborates with partners on specific thematic issues, partners are of course always welcome to pitch their own ideas to the organisation. They can help achieve our goals (problem solving, learning, connecting) through their own merits and insights. Our core partners will help us keep the lab on track and up to speed with the latest innovations.


The project team

Daily tasks of the project team, consisting of municipal staff and external consultants, include: supporting the urban laborants, inspiring and gathering lessons, posing questions, identifying challenges, conducting experiments, extracting findings and managing the ever-growing Stadslab2050 network. The profiles of the team vary from project leaders to supervisors and communication specialists, who combine their knowledge and expertise making cooperation worthwhile.


Do you want to become part of Stadslab2050?

Do you wish to become an urban laborant? Follow us on Facebook or through our newsletter and participate in challenges, join projects and collaborate on solving issues. Or just submit and pitch your own idea during one of the open calls of the lab’s ‘project fund’. Or simply knock on our door!


Do you see your organisation, institution or association playing a strategic partner role in Stadslab2050? Do not hesitate to drop us a line or contact us for more information.


Or do you just want to strengthen our project team? We are constantly on the lookout for people ‘in the know’, especially for our internal communication, for the strengthening of our network and for the connection with urban laborants.


Keep an eye on our channels (Facebook, newsletter, website). And do not hesitate to contact us.