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Since 2013, Antwerp has its own urban lab for thinkers and doers, called Stadslab2050. The lab brings together creative and innovative stakeholders, from in and outside the city, so they can experiment to make the future tangible in Antwerp. The outcome is a diverse network of entrepreneurs, civil society stakeholders, citizens, civil servants and knowledge carriers, that join forces to create a sustainable and durable future for Antwerp.

In the past three years, Stadslab2050 has reached just under a 1,000 free thinkers and doers. The lab provided these pioneers with the tools to encourage other stakeholders to make their operations more tangible. You too can join them and work as a researcher in the lab!


Stadslab2050: wanna join?

Does your story fit in with Stadslab2050? Chances are it does. We ‘ve already tackled plenty of challenges for the future in our lab.

Our partners are currently experimenting with:

  • circular fashion;
  • a green, attractive city; sustainable building and living;
  • sharing for a sustainable city;
  • climate-resilient Antwerp

Soon we will be tackling:

  • energy
  • mobility


In 2050, sustainable living, housing, working and doing business should come naturally and by default in Antwerp.

Do you want to join us and work on one of these themes? Then keep an eye out for the calls on our website or follow Stadslab2050 on social media.


Stadslab2050: What’s in it for me?

Knowledge and insights from experiments

We tackle the sustainability challenges of the present and future in our city lab with innovative experimental projects. We learn from them, even when they amount to nothing, because this only yields more knowledge that we can share with you and all other partners. The reason why Stadslab2050 is working so hard to develop its community is so that all the learning experiences are shared with the right recipients as soon as they are available. 


Far-reaching support

How exactly do you set up an experimental project, where to find the right partners, what about scaling, business models… Stadslab offers professional support, a sophisticated toolbox of methods and techniques and financial support, that will substantially increase your project’s chances of success. Because that is how we ensure that your dream idea becomes a realistic and feasible initiative.



Stadslab2050 offers a wide range of communication channels, that you can use to share your initiatives, your efforts and your learnings. The lab isfurthermore keen on action and encounters, because you can actually taste, smell and feel the experiments in the meeting spaces. These experiences are designed to stimulate you, encourage you to join us and experiment to make the future of Antwerp tangible.


Achievements of Stadslab2050

Stadslab2050 has already facilitated the following:

  • 50 experimental projects with a social impact and clearly-defined learning experiences, which are either being currently executed, or in the pipeline, including the collective renovation of rental properties with an innovative financial model; the experiment to close store’s entrance doors through behavioural interventions; Airbezen( a citizen science project measuring the air quality using strawberry plants); Antwerp chefs that use vegetable proteins; a clothes library as a combined product/service.
  • A strong, dynamic network of approx. 1,000 players that is still growing.
  • Knowledge building about sustainable innovation on a metropolitan scale.
  • Sustainability aspects are included on the agenda of various stakeholders in and around Antwerp.
  • A strong brand, that can boost your initiatives.